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Appstem is a leading iOS and Android app design & development company. We help enterprises, brands and start-ups create innovative mobile solutions.

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Tesla Motors iPad Apps

The Tesla Motors iPad app is a key sales tool for the product specialists and marketing teams. The app is for marketing events and is used in all Tesla retail outlets worldwide. The app is a central repository for videos, photos, and documentation. The app integrates with a card swiping device to instantly capture drivers license information for test drive registration and importing to Salesforce. The Tesla iPad app is designed to help product specialists and marketing personnel to create an engaging and intuitive sales experience with their customers. In stores product specialist can share the information on their iPad directly on the big screen TV with a simple swipe gesture.

kaiser permanente
Kaiser Permanente iPhone App

The Kaiser Permanente iPhone App brings all the functionality of the web to patients on the go. Health plan members can sign into the app using their user ID and password to access secure features, including messaging, appointments, refilling prescriptions, medical records, and finding Kaiser Permanente medical facilities.

johnson & johnson
Johnson & Johnson HTML5 Game

Dandruff is attacking and your only defense is to blast it away using T/Gel. The space invader inspired games designed and developed by Appstem enables players to defeat dandruff by shooting away dandruff particles. The game is written in HTML5 and featured phone, tablet, and desktop compatibility — all web-based. To help social sharing users can challenge friends by emailing their score to friends or by posting the game to Facebook and Twitter. The games gives users the ability interact with the T/Gel brand in a fun and engaging while while bringing the commercial to life.

enterprise fleet management
Enterprise Holdings iPhone + Android Apps

The Enterprise Fleet Management iPhone and Android apps provide their customer all the tools on the web in one central place for when they're on the road. Users are able to to log their Mileage personal and business mileage, full access to their profile, in app messaging to communicate with their fleet managers, reminders for upcoming service or repairs, find gas and service stations, manage their fuel card, check on new vehicle order status, request roadside assistance, and fill out accident reports with photo integration.

jiffy lube
Jiffy Lube Android App

Help keep your vehicle on the road and out of the repair shop with the Jiffy Lube Android App. Find the nearest Jiffy Lube. Get tips. Store important vehicle information. It’s all at the tip of your fingers with the Jiffy Lube App.

golds gym
Gold's Gym iPhone App

Get moving and stay motivated with Spotter by Gold’s Gym, power-packed with features to help you know your own strength. Users can find your nearest Gold’s Gym with a location-based gym finder, get up-to-date class schedules, set goals and track your progress, get motivation, use the Calorie Equater to see how much exercise it takes to burn off different foods, and Take progress photos and watch your transformation with Flipbook Yourself.

KeyMe iPhone + Android Apps

KeyMe is a simple and secure way to copy keys from your phone. We also make it easy to get a spare key if you're locked out. Scan Your Keys: Backup your physical keys with digital copies for free. Copy Keys From Your Phone: We will cut and ship perfect duplicates to you in the mail. Choose from a huge selection of key designs, including our very own bottle-opening key! Keys are guaranteed to work. Never Get Locked Out: If you need a spare key, any locksmith can make one from scratch by viewing instructions we display on your phone. Share Keys With Friends and Family: Share digital copies of your keys instantly for free. The recipient can get a physical copy made through our mail order service, at one of our kiosks, or at a regular locksmith.

porter sail
Sober iPhone App

Sober is a location sensitive app that allows you to connect with friends and meet new and interesting people around you. Our matching feature suggests people that you can “like” by swiping right or "pass" by swiping left. If both of you swipe right on each other, you’re an instant match! Come across someone you know? Go ahead, send them a friend request. You can share posts or photos with all of your friends at once on the Latest news feed. Chat with friends and matches alike or use Search to find other sober people in your area. Don’t worry though; we only use first names and your profile remains private when people search for you that aren’t you’re friends or matches. If you’re trying to meet someone new, the opportunities are endless!

Plate iPhone App

Sharing your moments just got more fun! With Plate, share any thoughts, photos, and videos, because in 24 hours, it all disappears. Forever! Plate a photo, your friends will see it, they can like it and comment on it, and the conversation goes from there. Tomorrow your Plate will be gone along with any conversation around it. When words simply aren’t enough, express what you really feel by commenting with a photo or video too! Privacy an issue? Not to worry! Whatever you decide to Plate can only be seen by those that you allow in the first place. A lot can happen in 24 hours, so don’t miss out!

Frequency iOS App

Frequency was selected by Apple as an editors choice award. Frequency is the best way to watch internet video from your favorite sources. This award-winning video app finds and organizes the newest videos from all your favorite publishers across the internet into streaming video channels – just for you.

Instead of going to all your favorite websites, social networks, blogs and apps to watch videos, you can watch videos from all your favorite online sources across dozens of categories: news, comedy, entertainment, food, fashion, health, movies, music, politics, sports, technology and much more. You can also create your own channel based on any person or topic on iPad.

Dwelo iOS & Android Apps

With the Dwelo app, residents can control their apartment from anywhere. Cool your home on your way back from work. Check the door lock while you're on vacation. Turn the light off without leaving your bed.

Or do nothing at all... Dwelo apartments are automated. The Dwelo app can sense when you've left: the lights go off, the thermostat adjusts to an efficient setting, and the door locks - just in case you forgot!

Is your apartment already Dwelo-enabled? Download the app! Not yet? Visit and learn how your landlord can get Dwelo for your building.

Dufl iOS & Android Apps

DUFL is an premium travel service- a personal valet that simplifies business travel by cleaning, storing, and shipping your business attire to your specified destination.

DUFL stores your clothing in your personal DUFL closet, and allows you to pack virtually by selecting your clothing items from within the app. Once you’ve scheduled your trip, you’ll travel - bag free, and your freshly cleaned and neatly packed clothing will meet you at your specified destination. When you’re ready to head home, schedule a pick up from the hotel and we’ll clean your clothes and have them waiting in your virtual closet, ready for your next trip!


  • Appstem did an exceptional job building Tesla’s Marketing iPad App. We are tough customers, expecting the same excellence in our app designs and interactions as our cars, and Appstem delivered a fantastic product. The team was also very responsive to our needs and tackled issues that arose in record time.

    Tesla Motors

  • At Lionsgate we worked with a number of solutions providers and mobile app developers, but Appstem really nailed it when coming up with creative ideas, involving a location-based social strategy, and brilliant execution for one of our major television shows.


  • Appstem took our idea and brought it to life! It was amazing to see how quickly everything came together! The team was flexible, efficient, and a pleasure to work with!

    Johnson & Johnson

  • Design, creation and a quick turn around! Appstem did everything I needed, and was a pleasure to work with!

    Hearst Corporation

  • The team at Appstem has gone above and beyond to assist us with the rollout of our enterprise mobile applications. The technical team bring a background and depth of knowledge that is particularly helpful when designing next-generation mobile applications

    Safeguard Properties

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Our client list is a mix of Fortune 500 companies and game-changing startups. We’ve done everything from complex enterprise apps to cool consumer-focused apps and multiplayer games.
We don't offshore or outsource our work. Our team is what sets us apart and we believe it's easier to manage, collaborate, and get things done faster when everyone is in the same time zone, let alone the same country.
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  • Travis Jones Travis Jones Senior Project Manager
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  • Natalie Mutz Natalie Mutz General Counsel
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